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Certified Consultants & Coaches

Over the past two decades, The Etiquette Institute has trained over 500 etiquette consultants/coaches.  Many earned their certificates for personal and professional development or to serve as the etiquette coach within their organizations.  Others have made etiquette consulting and coaching their primary career and are actively seeking opportunities to work with individuals or groups within a variety of settings (schools, churches, not-for-profit organizations, scouts, fraternities and sororities, colleges and universities, and companies and corporations).  The individuals listed below in alphabetical order are ready to respond to your requests to provide consulting, coaching, and training and are distinguished members of The Etiquette Institute.  Please visit their websites or review their LinkedIn profiles to learn more about them and their services. 

Dr. Jennifer Bechkoff, LinkedIn, Faculty website, Clovis, California

  • Virtual and in-person coaching, training, and consulting on social, business, and dining etiquette. Additional topics include business networking, mixers, communication (listening, speaking, body language, presenting), technology etiquette, wine basics, business travel, and personal effectiveness (appearance, personal brand, authenticity, likability, flexibility, time management, accepting/giving constructive criticism).

  • Audiences include undergraduate students, early career graduate students, executive graduate students, early & mid-career professionals.

Desiree L. Broussard, Elevating Etiquette, LLC, LinkedIn, Las Vegas, Nevada

Arden Clise, Clise Etiquette, LinkedIn, Seattle, Washington

  • Virtual and in-person training programs and classes on business and social etiquette as well as customer service. Individual coaching and keynote speaking.

  • Audiences and clients include corporations, colleges, working professionals, teens and children.

Carolyn Couch, The Next Step Career Coaching, LinkedIn, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

  • Custom training and coaching on business and dining etiquette, professionalism, interviewing, networking, and personal branding. 

  • Audiences include corporations, higher ed institutions, organizations, and working professionals of all ages and stages.

Lisa Geneser, Manners Matter, LinkedIn, Chicago, Illinois

Win Heggem, Foundations of Communication, LinkedIn, Post Falls, Idaho

Catherine Holloway, Etiquette Consulting Services, LinkedIn, Cleveland, Ohio

Renita Jackson, Jackson Etiquette, LinkedIn, St. Louis, Missouri

  • In-person and virtual training programs on etiquette skills and social graces.

  • Audiences include children and adults, individual and group sessions for schools, businesses, scouts and private organizations.

Mary Lee Kennedy, Manners Pro, LinkedIn, Houston, Texas

  • .Custom instruction for corporations in business etiquette, dining, communication, meetings and corporate entertainment (private and group).  

  • Custom instruction in Manners and Confidence for children, teens and young adults (private and group). 

Patty Kozarits, A Matter of Etiquette, LinkedIn, St. Louis, Missouri

  • Virtual and in-person coaching, training, and consulting.

  • Audiences and clients include both individuals as well as groups such as university students, young business professionals, job seekers, corporate training classes, and professional image consulting.

Meg Langland, Greater Visions LLC, LinkedIn, Columbia, Missouri

  • Services customized to meet clients' needs in areas of dining etiquette and business/social networking. Available to present at conferences, retreats and to serve as a keynote speaker. 

  • Audiences include higher education, corporations, nonprofits as well as children in elementary/secondary education. Individual coaching offered to maximize performance in areas of business and social etiquette.   

Sallie Plass, Etiquette Enrichment & Life Coaching, LinkedIn, Madison, Indiana, & Louisville & Lexington, Kentucky

  • In-person and virtual training programs on social and business etiquette.

  • Audiences include individuals and small groups of children, teens, adults; large gatherings for training, professional development and educational institutions (colleges, sports teams, community clubs, businesses, scouts, churches, youth groups, schools, individual coaching, staff development, in-service training, sororities and fraternities, homeschool groups.

Shawna Roath, Alymar Consulting, LinkedIn, Kansas City, Missouri

Carrie D. Sayre, Carrie Consulting, LinkedIn, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

  • Day-to-day personal and business etiquette, and dining tutorials. 

  • Audiences include children and adults focusing on using etiquette to make everyone feel comfortable and as a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging tool.  Willing to travel to clients outside the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.    

Lynda Simmons, Tea For You & Etiquette Too!, LinkedIn, Bedford, New Hampshire

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