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Internationally recognized excellence in etiquette education

Most people think “etiquette” is a complex set of social rules upheld by an elite few.

We want to change that.


We know that etiquette is knowing how to read any professional or social situation by considering context, culture, change and comfort. The Etiquette Institute can help you hone these critical skills with the Etiquette Consulting Certificate training program.

Our Services

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Etiquette Certificate Training

Our Etiquette Certificate Training offers comprehensive instruction on proper etiquette in a variety of settings. Through hands-on activities and interactive exercises, we will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to maintain social graces and confidence in all your interactions, and the tools to provide support and instruction to members of your team.



We offer specialized etiquette training presentations tailored to address your individual organization's needs. We will provide insights and proper etiquette practices for business and social situations, helping your team foster more effective communication and relationships. Our sessions are engaging and interactive, providing a lasting impact for your organization.



Our Dining Etiquette Training service is designed to help individuals learn how to confidently navigate formal dining situations. We offer custom-tailored sessions to teach people how to navigate a multi-course meal and identify the difference between casual and formal dining. Our goal is to ensure that participants feel confident in any dining situation.

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